Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a preexisting medical condition?


There are no pre-existing conditions on the Medial Repricing card. As soon as your card becomes effective, you get access to Doctor's and Hospitals and many other valuable benefits! We have a range of products to help you in pretty much any situation. Our representatives are trained to help you find the plan that will best suit your needs, whether it is a plan through us or even through the state or federal risk pool. These risk pools are put in place for individuals who have preexisting conditions that would prevent them from obtaining regular major medical health insurance.  In instances where an individual is still receiving medically necessary treatment for a condition or illness the risk pools may be the better option.  While several preexisting conditions are accepted by insurance carriers, some may not be.  We offer a guaranteed issued schedule-of-benefits plan that has no pre-existing on visits to the doctor or prescription drugs. Hospitalization and/or surgery do have a 12 months pre-existing wait before your pre-existing conditions will be covered.

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